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Baby Shower Trends for 2013 : Gender Reveal, Manshowers, and More

Stylish Baby Shower Trends for 2013
Baby Shower Trends for 2013 : It’s Time for a Change! Every mom-to-be deserves a day of fun with her closest friends and family. But when most people think of baby showers- we envision boring games, heavy artless foods and a just girls gathering on a Saturday afternoon. Thankful
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Minnie Mouse Party Ideas and Free Printables

Minnie Mouse Free Printable Invitation
A Minnie Mouse Themed Party is definitely one of the most popular themes for young girls. Not only because Minnie is a classic and well loved character in the hearts of Mom’s and daughters everywhere but also because the theme is one that has so many different opportunities for
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2013 Neutral Grey Wedding Color trend

2013 Neutral Grey Wedding Color Trend Grey Wedding Color Inspiration Whether you spell it Grey or Gray this year be sure to discover the magic of this wedding trend color of 2013!!! Each Bride has their own ideas for what colors they will choose for their wedding. Ranging from sophist
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Rainbow Wedding Invitations Design Challenge

Welcome to Party Simplicity’s first design challenge: rainbow wedding invitations! Rainbow colors are becoming an ever more popular choice for a wedding theme. The beautiful, vibrant full spectrum colors of a rainbow add a whimsical, fun loving feel to a wedding. And the symboli
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1970’s Theme Party Celebration Ideas

{ 1970’s theme party celebration ideas }   Are you looking to Shake Your Groove Thing and Celebrate like it’s the 70’s?                                                                                            Here are some ideas to get the party started!  
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Essential Steps to Planning the Perfect Party

You don’t have to hire an event planner to throw an excellent party. Whether you’re planning a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other major event, the trick to handling the arrangements yourself is taking an organized approach to the situation. If
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Lemon Zest and Sunflower Wedding Ideas: Part 2 The Wedding Reception Food

Wedding Reception Food: 2013 Lemon Zest & Sunflower
  Lemon Zest and Sunflower Wedding Ideas: Wedding Reception Food Decisions, decisions. Should the reception be formal or casual? What’s the budget size, and how many guests will be attending? These are your major wedding planning considerations when it comes to deciding on
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Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party & Freebies

Christmas Cupcakes
Photo Collage Image Sources: 1. Creative Party Cupcakes 2. The Cupcake Daily Blog 3. Creative Party Cupcakes 4. Pianeta Donna Host A Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party! ‘Tis the season for cookies, cupcakes & holiday parties! You’ve probably been to a few cookie swaps, b
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Blue Wedding – A Spring Wedding Color Trend For 2013

blue wedding spring 2013
A cool wedding color trend for Spring 2013 is a Blue Wedding based on the color predictions released by PANTONE™. Be inspired by Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue. What is it about the color blue? It’s all around us in pop culture from a blue Christmas to the Blue Man Group…
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