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Mustache Trend Invitation Design Challenge

Mustache Trend
I’m sure by now you’ve seen the fake mustache trend. This hairy little hipster trend has seemingly taken over popular culture. Mustaches are everywhere and on everything from t-shirts to bags, cell phone covers, rings, necklaces, bandaids, nail art, baby pacifiers and more
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Guest Post – Sweet 16 Blowout Bash Ideas

Since the beginning of the MTV show “My Super Sweet 16”, teenagers all over the world have gone crazy about having the best party for their 16th birthday. Having the best birthday party has become a matter of prestige among the younger folks, and, generally, they want their party to b
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Wedding Freebie! Votive Candle Wraps Free Printables

Free Printables Wedding Votive Candle Wraps
Yeah! A wedding freebie! The designers at PartySimplicity banded together to create a free wedding printable – Votive candle wraps! These wedding votive candle wrap free printables even have text that you can personalize. You just edit the text on these free printable votive can
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Tips for Throwing a Geek Themed Birthday Party

If you’re throwing a milestone birthday bash, then a really fun choice for a birthday party theme is a geek theme. “Geek is the new chic” as they say and a geek birthday party theme is loads of fun and you can round up ideas for it from pretty much everywhere. In thi
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Free Owl Party Printables & Gift Ideas

Looking for Free Owl Party Printables & Gift Ideas? Then this is the place for you to look!! So I have a little bit of a designer obsession with owls.  The other obsession I have would definitely be trees!  But I’ve done quite a few different owl designs and paintings in my
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Bicycle Wedding Trend

Bicycle Wedding Trend
Hot Theme Alert: Bicycle Wedding Trend Wedding season is upon us and I thought I’d share one of the trends I absolutely love—the bicycle wedding trend. Many modern couples are opting for more simple, casual weddings in lieu of formal, uptight and stressful events. Bicycles are p
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Ombré Bridal Shower Invitations Design Challenge

Welcome to Party Simplicity’s latest design challenge: ombre bridal shower invitations! What is ombre you ask? Ombré (om·bré) is actually a word of French origin. It means having colors or tones that shade into each other or in which the color is graduated from light to dark. It
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Garden Party | A Guide To Garden Party Planning Made Simple

garden party
Garden Party Themes Begin by selecting one of many garden party themes. Be inspired by the flowers, vegetables and plants that grow in your garden. Select a complimentary color for your party theme that will work with your garden surroundings. If you don’t have a garden to throw
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Campground “Glamping” Wedding Invitation Design Challenge!

GLAMOROUS + CAMPING = GLAMPING! Campground “Glamping” Wedding Invitation Design Challenge! Now that we have that cleared up, lets talk about “glamping” weddings and how they are on the rise. Many wedding couples are opting for this wedding style which is offbea
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