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Welcome to, a collaboration of innovative artists who have teamed up to offer you original event inspirations within a contemporary (read: cool) design, event, and lifestyle blog.

Let us attend to the details that give your event a special touch so you can focus on what matters-celebrating the milestones life brings your way.

Sweet 16 masquerade party

In the last couple of years we’ve seen a complete transformation of the word “party”. Conventional birthdays are no longer in trend. Whether we’re talking about kids, teens or grownups, one thing is for sure – everyone wants to have a memorable birthday party. For that to happen it is
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Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Want a retro, chic, 50s style wedding? Then consider a polka dot wedding! Polka dots are a fabulous addition to a wedding. They can be fun, flirty, retro, vintage, classic… whatever you want them to be! Polka dots, extremely popular in the 1950s, are perfect for couples that wan
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Personalized Wedding Paper Napkins

Disposable Personalized Wedding Paper Napkins
Brides are always looking for ways to add personal touches to their wedding reception decor. A fun way to do that is to add in disposable personalized wedding paper napkins to your wedding reception table settings. With personalized wedding paper napkins, you can personalize the bride
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Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party The Mad Hatter is a character from British Author, Lewis Carroll’s  1865 classic, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. He first appeared in ‘Through the looking glass’ as a character called ‘Hatta’ at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  Carroll never actuall
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When the topic of a party comes up, most of us immediately think of a child’s birthday party complete with a princess, pirate or mermaid theme. Granted, these parties are wonderful events, but why should children have all the fun? Is there a law that says adults can’t dres
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2014 Graduation Party Invitations

I wanted to a post featuring 2014 graduation party invitation designs from the Party Simplicity designers. It’s soon to be spring and spring is the season of graduations. Whether it is a high school, college, or university grad, it is a milestone achievement worthy of a celebrat
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A selection of unique offbeat wedding invitations

10 offbeat wedding invitation designs
Traditional wedding invitations are beautiful of course, but they often don’t reflect a couple’s unique personalities. With today’s weddings, you are now free to choose wedding decor and themes that fully reflect the loves and interests of the bride and groom. In the
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Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party

Hot Air Balloon Party Featured Image
A hot air balloon birthday party is a fun and popular theme for a child’s birthday party, especially those in spring or summertime. Hot air balloons bring to mind lightness, color, playfulness and most of all, voyage and adventure. What better way to celebrate life’s journey than with
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Glitter DIY Projects: Add Sparkle To Your Holidays

DIY TUTORIAL ROUNDUP: 5 GLITTER PROJECTS Who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle, especially around the holidays? I’ve been looking for a few DIY projects to incorporate some shimmer into my holiday decor and have discovered tons of great tutorials out there. Today I’ve
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