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Pip Gerard

Pip Gerard from Pip Pip Hooray Party Designs is a self employed Work at Home Mom (WAHM) who adores living the creative life! 


My business involves my role as a party stationery and product designer as well as a contributor/writer of web pages blogs filled with party ideas, inspiration and free printables 
I’ve always loved being creative and it’s been a passion that has steadily grown over the years.  It’s only been the last 6 though where it’s an all encompassing and consuming need whereby I’m creating in every spare minute of every day!
I’ve always adored being creative throughout my life. Chose to always focus on creative school subjects and even started an art diploma after graduating but unfortunately could not finish due to personal reasons. I however focused on business in the meantime which I think was the best thing I could have done because I now believe I have a healthy creative and business balance.

I’m a self taught designer, with the basis of my digital design skills I garnered while working for over 6 years in the sales and marketing area of the fabulous book publishing company Pan Macmillan Australia.  I received invaluable skills in sales, marketing, client relationships, customer service and digital website maintenance.   I left before the birth of my son and not long after purchased a Canon DSLR camera (primarily to capture my son’s early years) which then ignited my huge creative spark again and from there it just never stopped.  I started using Photoshop soon finding I had a knack for it.  Moving from Photoshop to Adobe Illustrator was just a natural and exciting progression for me.
I dabble in many many areas… finding that I prefer to have a varied set of tasks before me at all times.  Parts of my daily work includes writing party inspiration pages via Squidoo, dabbling in photography (which I also use for my own marketing and promotion purposes), art journaling, painting, mixed media and even crafting.  But by far my biggest and most focused creative outlet is designing my own Pip Pip Hooray Brand Product Line. This is my main income and focus which includes a partnership with the Print on Demand website called Zazzle where I have set up my varied Pip Pip Hooray online stores (from which I design all the products featured within them).  Nearly 90% of all my products are templates that can be easily personalized/customized easily online!  It’s a fabulous business and I’m very thankful it’s been so successful for me.

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